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1.2. Tatted following the pattern…


Mobile phone bag

Gecko and frog – patterns by Jane Eborall

Сумочка для телефона, геккон Сумочка для телефона, лягушка
Butterflies – patterns by Teri Dusenbury
Бабочка1 Бабочка2

Beaded tea candle holder

Pattern by Sabina Carden-Madden

Butterfly – pattern by Teri Dusenbury

Подсвечник Подсвечник

Photoframe, bookmark and photoalbum cover

The pattern is from the book: For those who knit. (Edited by L.Yu. Kireeva). – Saint-Petersburg, 1992. – 376 p.

Cross stitch kit “Old mill” by “Sdelay svoimi rykami”.

Рамка для фотографии Закладка в технике фриолите. Tatted bookmark
Фотоальбом c фриволите и вышивкой крестом. Photoalbum with tatting and cross stitch embroidery.

Minor Norwegian Dragon

Pattern by Anne Bruvold

 Дракон  Дракон


Based on the sample pattern from the book: Stepnaya E.Yu. Tatting in ANKARS technique. Technique. Methods. Works: Encyclopedia. – Moscow: “AST-PRESS KNIGA”, 2007. – 136 p.

Бусы Бусы


Pattern by Monica Moncenido

It did not come out well as I took very thin thread.

 Подставка под стакан

Celtic shamrock

Pattern by Ruth Perry

I tatted it with beads. Flower head is made using roll tatting.

Кельтский трилистник1  Кельтский трилистник2


Pattern by Lisa C. Trumble

I have added beads.

 Браслет1  Браслет2

Small CD bag

Butterfly – pattern by Teri Dusenbury

Сумочка для CD


Patterns are by Jane Eborall



Pattern from the book: Everyone can do this: Tips for care of home. – Leningrad: Lenizdat, 1989. – 286 p.

Cross stitch kit “Riding Daddy” by “Riolis”

Подушка с фриволите и вышивкой крестом  Подушка с фриволите


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